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What's New at Armstrong Optical?

What's new at Armstrong Optical Service?

We're always working on new products and services. Check here to see what Steve has most recently added to our product line.

Post-Mydriatic Spectacles

Post Mydriatic Spectacles are an economical way to ensure your patient's comfort. Features include adjustable paper temples, ideal tinting and large side shields to eliminate 99% of all UV light up to 400nm. Easily fit over patient's glasses or can be worn alone. Available as: Rollups, Slip-Ins, Paper Temples, Kids Sizes & Colors
Post-Mydriatic Spectacles (4 types)

HRK-7000 Wavefront Auto Refractor/Keratometer

The HRK-7000 Wavefront auto refractor/Keratometer is the newest generation instrument from Huvitz. This model combines the features of an auto refractor, auto keratometer and an aberrometer into one convenient-to-use instrument.
Wavefront Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Optinomics Screening Tables

Added four Optinomics screening tables that help optimize the exam space your have available.
Chairs/Stands : Ophthalmic Equipment

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