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Ezer ESL-2600 Slit Lamp

Price: $2,646.00
Product ID : 100-100-060
Weight: 48.40 lbs



The Ezer ESL-2600 Slit Lamp is a traditional style slit lamp with a vertical Illumination tower and has standard 10X and 16X magnifications. Sleek design provides increased optical efficiency, light transmission, illumination and depth of focus.

The ESL-2600 Slit Lamp presents a stereoscopic optical system by adding fusing images a focal point.

The ESL-2600 brings a two position lever that is located under the optical head that makes it easy to interchange the magnification levels.

A pair of eyepieces are optional in order to change the magnification levels in cases where increased maginification is essential.

The ESL-2600 Slit Lamp is capable of magnifications of 10x and 16x.

Incline it to move the instrument slightly on the horizontal surface and rotate it to adjust the elevation of the microscope.

Slit width control knob
The slit width is adjustable from 0 to 9 mm.

Apertur and slit height control knob
Rotate this knob to adjust the spot and slit height. Swing the knob horizontally to revolve the slit.

• Horizontal mark
When the horizontal center of the patient's eye is aligned with this mark, the elevation of the microscope. Controled by joystick is also on its center position.
• There are four folters for selection
Heat-absorption, grey, red-free and blue.
• Slit height and aperture display window.
• Lamp cap
• Chin-rest elevation adjustment knob
Rotate the knob to adjust the elevation of the chin-rest.
• Protection cap
• Microscope and illumination arm couple bolt
Fasten this bolt and the illumination arm and the microscope arm can be Rotated together.
Fixation target
An illuminated fixed spot for the patient to look at.

Base Locking Screw
The base will be locked when this screw is fastened.

Position Lever
The two position lever located under the optical head, makes it easy to interchange the magnification levels.

Optional accesories
(Additional purchase)

Applanation tonometer
This ESL-2600 slit lamp can be equipped with TN-150, Model R-900 or Model T-900 applanation tonometer to measure the intraocular pressure.

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